A considerate, modern dentist in Tooting

Maintaining a healthy body involves looking after your teeth. Your daily oral hygiene routine is a major part of good dental care, but to make sure your mouth is free from harmful plaque and bacteria, you need professional expertise. As a well-established dentist in Tooting, Waterfall House Dental Surgery has been taking care of teeth in London for many years. We prevent dental problems and make natural-looking repairs for damaged teeth. Our tactful team make your comfort a priority.

Dentist in TootingA wide range of treatments

People choose us as their dentist in Tooting for all sorts of reasons. They might have damaged a tooth playing sport or lost one in an accident. They might be unhappy with the colour of their teeth, or saddened by their wonky smile. Many people just want the reassurance that comes from a twice-yearly check-up.

When we assess your dental condition in our relaxing treatment room, we can look for the early signs of conditions like tooth decay that are too subtle for you to detect at home. We can also check for indications of potential oral cancer.

If repairs are needed, we can use customised materials that restore the natural appearance of your teeth, as well as their function.

Short and long-term treatments

People often come to the dentist in Tooting because of cosmetic concerns. Even small imperfections can have a big impact on the way you feel about your overall appearance. Treatments like veneers or teeth whitening are simple and speedy procedures that can transform your aesthetic appeal.

We can improve the alignment of your teeth so that they look better and do their jobs more efficiently. While these treatments take time, they are much more discreet than they used to be. Contemporary realignment appliances are often made of transparent or tooth-coloured materials. This minimises the potential embarrassment that sometimes deters people from making much-needed changes.


We offer emergency appointments that give you peace of mind and relief from discomfort after unexpected dental events. Our payment plans help you to spread the cost of vital treatments, so that visiting the dentist in Tooting doesn’t cause you financial difficulties.

A caring, contemporary dentist in Tooting

Having healthy teeth and gums is an essential part of a healthy lifestyle. As a dentist in Tooting, Waterfall House Dental Surgery provides a level of care for oral health that our patients can’t achieve on their own. We prevent worrying developments from becoming harmful problems, as well as making sensitive repairs and powerful cosmetic enhancements. With our up-to-date dental knowledge and welcoming atmosphere, we’ll look after every aspect of your oral health.

A variety of options

Dentist in TootingPeople visit the dentist in Tooting for many different reasons. They might be unhappy with the appearance of their teeth, worried about potential decay, or suffering from accidental damage.

At twice-yearly check-ups, we can spot the early signs of gum disease and tooth decay, and advise you on how to prevent them getting worse. We can also screen you for signs of mouth cancer, and refer you to a specialist at an early stage if further investigation is necessary.

We can make repairs using materials that mimic the appearance of your natural teeth. If you suffer from discolouration, which can gradually happen over many years, we can apply a bright and fresh-looking whiteness to your teeth’s enamel surfaces. After this simple treatment, you’ll be left with a dazzling smile.

Major changes

Poorly-aligned teeth are a big reason people visit the dentist in Tooting. If your smile is crooked, you’ll be aware of the way it can spoil your appearance. You may not realise that crooked teeth contribute to poor oral hygiene, because food particles and bacteria can hide in the awkward spaces that a toothbrush has difficulty reaching. Bad breath, gum disease and tooth decay are more likely if this condition is left untreated.

Modern aligners and braces produce effective results with minimal disruption to your lifestyle. Many realignment appliances are made from transparent or tooth-coloured materials, and some can even be removed from the mouth when you need to eat a meal or brush your teeth.

Overall approach

Treatment from a dentist in Tooting can often seem expensive. We offer payment plans for our treatments, so you can spread the cost of your dental improvements.

Convenient dental care

Healthy teeth and gums are a key part of overall bodily health. As an experienced dentist in Tooting, Waterfall House Dental Surgery brings a considerate approach to contemporary dental care. We treat everything from missing teeth to misaligned bites. With our extensive knowledge and up-to-date techniques, we will help you to prevent the development of harmful dental conditions.

A wide range of treatments

Dentist in TootingThe care we provide as a dentist in Tooting can be cosmetic, preventive, or restorative. At regular check-ups, we can advise you on how best to look after your teeth to ensure they look good and work well. We offer mouth cancer screenings so we can spot any worrying developments before they become serious concerns.

We repair existing damage with contemporary materials and skilful techniques. Small changes often make a big difference to how you feel about your appearance. Fillings can be customised to look natural next to the rest of your teeth. Veneers can prevent chipped teeth from spoiling the balanced outlines of your smile. Whitening will apply a fresh-looking brightness to teeth that have turned a funny colour.

Long-term changes

Many people visit the dentist in Tooting to change the positioning of their teeth. A crooked smile not only looks unappealing, but can contribute to poor oral hygiene. There are often awkward spaces among the teeth that a toothbrush has difficulty reaching. Bacteria and food particles can build up in these spaces, resulting in bad breath, gum disease and tooth decay.

Braces and aligners will correct these problems. With our sensitively-designed appliances, made from transparent or tooth-coloured materials, your realignment treatment will be satisfyingly discreet.

If you’re missing one or more teeth, we can replace them with dental implants. These are small metal posts that fuse with the jawbone, creating a stable base to which the new teeth are securely attached. You’ll be able to enjoy biting into and chewing your favourite foods again, without worrying about the new teeth falling out during dinner.

Financial care

We know that visiting the dentist in Tooting can sometimes be financially difficult, which is why we offer payment plans, which spread the cost of vital dental care.

Modern day dental care

Keeping your teeth in good condition is an essential part of your overall health. If you make regular visits to the dentist in Tooting, you’ll give your teeth the professional care they need. At Waterfall House Dental Surgery, we have a wealth of experience in the prevention and treatment of oral health difficulties. We take the time to get to know you as a patient, so that our care can be delivered with sensitivity and efficiency.

Dentist in TootingA range of treatments

Our services encompass the full range of dental care, from cosmetic enhancements to tooth replacements, and from preventive techniques to meticulous repairs. We even offer mouth cancer screenings, so we can spot any worrying developments in their earliest stages.

Many of our patients go to the dentist in Tooting twice a year, to have the condition of their teeth and gums thoroughly assessed. We offer advice, based on the latest research, on how best to keep the teeth clean, and the mouth free from bacteria and food debris. Any necessary repairs are made with the latest durable materials.

Looking to the future

Cosmetic dental techniques are a big part of the services we offer as a dentist in Tooting. Teeth whitening is a popular choice. Our patients choose this when they notice their teeth have turned a funny colour. This often happens very slowly, as food and drink leave behind residues on the tooth’s enamel surfaces that build up into unsightly stains. The whitening process will give you a brilliant smile you’ll be proud to show off.

A chipped tooth is a small development that can have a big impact on your appearance. If you have a veneer fitted by our dentist in Tooting, you’ll regain the natural elegance of your smile. If you have missing teeth, we can use dental implants to replace them, so you’ll regain not only the appearance but the function of your natural teeth as well. You can enjoy biting into and chewing your foods as you used to do, without worrying the new teeth will fall out onto the dinner table.

We’re able to offer late evening and Saturday appointments, so you can visit the dentist in Tooting when it’s convenient for you.