Do you need emergency dental services in South West London? Here at Waterfall House Dental Surgery you can get the Dental treatments you need at the earliest available time. We often keep several slot available to accommodate those with dental emergencies.

There might be various reasons why you might have to see a dentist quickly:

  • When you are suffering from a discomfort ot toothache
  • When your gums are swelling and you suspect an infection
  • When your tooth gets chipped, broken, or knocked out by accident
  • When you accidentally cut or wound your gums
  • Whenever you encounter discomfort together with your dentures
  • When any previous treatments made to your teeth trigger any difficulties or problems
  • Whenever you need immediate attention concerning your braces
  • When some thing gets stuck in your tooth or between your tooth and also you cannot get it out
  • When your wisdom tooth is causing discomfort and difficulty in eating and speaking
  • When you find a dental abscess, especially if it causes severe pain
  • Whenever you encounter headaches and muscle pains caused by tooth cavity or infection

When you attend the surgery the dentist will immediately check on your dental scenario and have you undergo any necessary checks, and advise you of any essential procedures, or offer appropriate medication if needed. With the availability of these emergency appointments, there is no longer any need to worry or panic about prolonged dental discomfort or dental.

Waterfall House Dental Surgery utilise the latest in dental technology which allows them to determine your situation and deal with your concern immediately. Their expert knowledge and professional experience also help them provide quicker and much more efficient solutions to protect your dental health.

Apart from giving you the correct treatment our dentists will also offer you with professional guidance on how you can avoid any comparable problems that might have occurred to your tooth. They'll also tell you how you can best care for your teeth, and address any concerns or questions you might have about dental treatment.