A caring, contemporary dentist in Tooting

Having healthy teeth and gums is an essential part of a healthy lifestyle. As a dentist in Tooting, Waterfall House Dental Surgery provides a level of care for oral health that our patients can’t achieve on their own. We prevent worrying developments from becoming harmful problems, as well as making sensitive repairs and powerful cosmetic enhancements. With our up-to-date dental knowledge and welcoming atmosphere, we’ll look after every aspect of your oral health.

A variety of options

Dentist in TootingPeople visit the dentist in Tooting for many different reasons. They might be unhappy with the appearance of their teeth, worried about potential decay, or suffering from accidental damage.

At twice-yearly check-ups, we can spot the early signs of gum disease and tooth decay, and advise you on how to prevent them getting worse. We can also screen you for signs of mouth cancer, and refer you to a specialist at an early stage if further investigation is necessary.

We can make repairs using materials that mimic the appearance of your natural teeth. If you suffer from discolouration, which can gradually happen over many years, we can apply a bright and fresh-looking whiteness to your teeth’s enamel surfaces. After this simple treatment, you’ll be left with a dazzling smile.

Major changes

Poorly-aligned teeth are a big reason people visit the dentist in Tooting. If your smile is crooked, you’ll be aware of the way it can spoil your appearance. You may not realise that crooked teeth contribute to poor oral hygiene, because food particles and bacteria can hide in the awkward spaces that a toothbrush has difficulty reaching. Bad breath, gum disease and tooth decay are more likely if this condition is left untreated.

Modern aligners and braces produce effective results with minimal disruption to your lifestyle. Many realignment appliances are made from transparent or tooth-coloured materials, and some can even be removed from the mouth when you need to eat a meal or brush your teeth.

Overall approach

Treatment from a dentist in Tooting can often seem expensive. We offer payment plans for our treatments, so you can spread the cost of your dental improvements.