A considerate, modern dentist in Tooting

Maintaining a healthy body involves looking after your teeth. Your daily oral hygiene routine is a major part of good dental care, but to make sure your mouth is free from harmful plaque and bacteria, you need professional expertise. As a well-established dentist in Tooting, Waterfall House Dental Surgery has been taking care of teeth in London for many years. We prevent dental problems and make natural-looking repairs for damaged teeth. Our tactful team make your comfort a priority.

Dentist in TootingA wide range of treatments

People choose us as their dentist in Tooting for all sorts of reasons. They might have damaged a tooth playing sport or lost one in an accident. They might be unhappy with the colour of their teeth, or saddened by their wonky smile. Many people just want the reassurance that comes from a twice-yearly check-up.

When we assess your dental condition in our relaxing treatment room, we can look for the early signs of conditions like tooth decay that are too subtle for you to detect at home. We can also check for indications of potential oral cancer.

If repairs are needed, we can use customised materials that restore the natural appearance of your teeth, as well as their function.

Short and long-term treatments

People often come to the dentist in Tooting because of cosmetic concerns. Even small imperfections can have a big impact on the way you feel about your overall appearance. Treatments like veneers or teeth whitening are simple and speedy procedures that can transform your aesthetic appeal.

We can improve the alignment of your teeth so that they look better and do their jobs more efficiently. While these treatments take time, they are much more discreet than they used to be. Contemporary realignment appliances are often made of transparent or tooth-coloured materials. This minimises the potential embarrassment that sometimes deters people from making much-needed changes.


We offer emergency appointments that give you peace of mind and relief from discomfort after unexpected dental events. Our payment plans help you to spread the cost of vital treatments, so that visiting the dentist in Tooting doesn’t cause you financial difficulties.